The back-office is not a customer-facing area of the company, yet its impact on customer service is enormous. In the financial sector, back-office operations are responsible for key areas of customer care, such as account management, transaction and order processing, insurance claims, loan operations, billing and more.

A Capgemini study found that within the financial industry, 60% of customer dissatisfaction sources originate in the back-office.

An efficient back-office inevitably results in high levels of customer satisfaction. When these areas of the business are optimised to run fast and smoothly, companies can focus more on providing exceptional customer service.

What’s the solution?

Automation is…

A recent article by Forbes found that only 14.6% of firms have deployed AI capabilities into production. The report found that although 64.8% of firms had invested over $50 million into AI technology last year, less than 15% were realizing the true potential of their investments.

There are many reasons this could be, such as lack of functionality, structure, or data to get their projects deployed. As a result, organizations are missing out on opportunities for significant cost savings, increased capacity, and improved output quality.

Our recent recognition by IDC as Innovators was achieved for our ability to help our…

Increasing sales and the customer base for a specific product or service is a key strategic objective for the majority of today’s businesses. But achieving this goal often results in increased costs in areas such as customer service and maintenance, which can diminish returns and prevent the product from delivering as much profit and value as it is capable of.

To overcome this challenge, businesses must look for ways to reduce and stabilize the internal costs associated with meeting the demands of an increased customer base. One way to achieve this is by minimizing the time and resources spent on…

Organizations across all industries are ramping up their digital transformations to adapt to the pandemic, compete with competitors, and improve the quality of their output.

Within the manufacturing industry, this has never been more important. Such dramatic shifts in digital transformation across this industry has meant that automated anomaly detection and data analysis across production lines is essential to keep up with competitors.

From retail production to complex machinery, manufacturers need to ensure accuracy across all their production lines and detect faulty productions as quickly as possible.

Can A.I. automation revolutionize the anomaly detection process and transform the way manufacturers…

Across industries, organizations rely on analytical data to help them make strategic decisions and manage supply chains. But this administrative task can be lengthy; from gathering the necessary data to forecasting the potential outcomes, this can have a significant impact on costs and unnecessary labor.

Although most businesses know how important predictive sales forecasting is, many are falling short of their own estimations. Research has shown that 79% of sales organizations miss their sales forecast by more than 10%. Clearly, businesses are in need of more accurate forecasting methods to reach their goals.

From predictive analytics in healthcare to finance…

2020 was a year of unexpected challenges for every single business. At Intelygenz, we were fortunate to have the ability to continue delivering solutions that meet our usual high standards. Looking back on a year no-one could have predicted, we are very proud and grateful for what we have achieved; from supporting MetTel in achieving Gartner recognition, to our team members helping frontline workers throughout the pandemic.

As the year came to an end, we became the latest software vendor to be named an IDC Innovator.

But how did we achieve this title, and what does it mean going forward?

Becoming IDC Innovators

Intelligent process automation is helping businesses refine their processes, reduce their costs, and in some cases, become visionary leaders.

That’s what happened for our partners at MetTel. Towards the end of last year, they were featured in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant as a leader for Managed Network Services (MNS), becoming the only U.S based company to feature in this year’s report.

In part 1 of this series, we showed you how to identify which of your business processes are most suitable for automation. If you haven’t already followed these steps, head over to part 1 to generate a list of potential candidates.

Automating every process on your list is likely unfeasible, so we’re sharing the methods we use to narrow down your options and reveal the one that will deliver the greatest ROI. This is a crucial step in your decision making process, because selecting the right candidate for automation has seen some businesses achieve ROI percentages that reach triple digits

An increasing number of businesses are realizing that A.I. solutions aren’t only hugely beneficial, but also essential for future success. According to a Forbes article, 84% of respondents believe that A.I. is necessary for gaining a competitive edge, and a further 63% believe it is crucial for reducing costs.

Additionally, 54% of executives claim that their A.I. solutions have helped them increase productivity. With so many different uses for A.I., from Intelligent Process Automation to building Intelligent Products, it has the power to provide enhanced value to your business, such as significantly reduced costs and specialist capabilities.

But the most…

As mentioned in ‘How to Select Your First Process Automation Project and Calculate the ROI’ , an increasing number of businesses are realizing the benefits of automating their processes, and are looking to start their own journeys with custom automation software. After all, Intelligent Process Automation has the potential to reduce process times by 50–60%, which can result in 20–35% annual run-rate cost efficiencies.

In the first of this two-part series, we’ll help you determine which of your business processes are the best candidates for automation. …


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